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12 healthy breakfast ideas for vegetarians, especially in India

I have a lot of vegetarian friends, who don’t even eat eggs and struggle with everyday breakfast options. Hence, on popular demand sharing easy, quick, and healthy breakfast ideas for vegetarians, including desi Indian options. I have tried to include protein rich and high fibre meals. I have also added my easy recipe links. Hope you find them useful.

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High protein - mix as many legumes as possible

1. Sprouts: Mix everything you like together e.g. black gram (kala chana), chickpea (white kabuli chana), kidney beans (rajma), moong dal etc. Recipe

2. Savoury pancake (chilla): Mixed legumes/lentils/dal/besan chilla with chutney; add cottage cheese (paneer) bhurji for extra protein Recipe

Bread based - use wholewheat or multigrain (try to use freshly baked without sugar)

3. Suji/semolina toast (vegetarian version of bread omelette); load with veggies Recipe

4. Paneer/ cottage cheese and cheese sandwich; can add a few veggies

5. Guacamole/ avocado/ pesto toast with exotic veggies Recipe

Fruits & dairy

6. Mixed fresh fruits bowl with nuts & seeds

7. Cereal bowl: Cereal/ muesli/ oats with milk, topped with nuts, and seeds

8. Smoothie bowl: Granola/ muesli with yogurt, topped with fruits, nuts & seeds Recipe

High fiber - load with vegetables, add peanuts and paneer (for protein)

9. Poha link

10. Upma

11. Daliya

12. Uttapam (suji/semolina chilla)

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