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Exploring the Hidden Gems around Shimla

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Everyone knows all about Shimla – the queen of hills. But, not a lot of people know about the beautiful and less explored places around Shimla. Having stayed in the area for 4 days recently, we were able to explore a few of the serene places. Enjoy everything from Pony ride, river rafting to hiking and skiing. And for the foodie in you, Shimla is coming up with the cafe culture of the hills as well. We also explored few of the good cafes for you to bookmark.

  1. Top 5 places to visit around Shimla

  2. Top 5 cafes in Shimla


Where to go around Shimla?

Top 5 places in the vicinity, with approximate driving time from Shimla.

1. Mashobra (~45 mins)

Stay at Koti Resort and just soak in the natural beauty. Enjoy nature walks to Craignano park.

Use my Promo Code to get INR 2000 travel credit to book Koti Resort on MakeMyTrip.com (MMT) Tip: Book Suite for more space and balcony.

2. Naldehra (~1 hour)

Do the adventurous and less crowded pony ride to the Shaily peak. Dine at The Chalet’s Naldehra with great view, ambiance, service, and fresh hot food.

3. Tattapani (~2 hours)

Enjoy a fun-filled rafting day in summers. They offer both fun and adventurous deals.


4. Rajgarh (~3 hours)

Go at the top at helipad for amazing views, dip into the flowing river. Enjoy the drive surrounded by lush green forest.

5. Kufri (~1 hour)

The most touristy place but still fun. Go in winters for snow fun. Take the pony ride and try skiing.


Special Mention: Kasauli (~3 hours)

Check out my detailed blog post – Kasuali – Closest Gateway to the Himalayas!


Where to eat in Shimla?

5 MUST VISIT cafes in Shimla.

1. Cafe Simla Times | Website | FB @cafesimlatimes

One of the new cafes. Spacious, fancy cafe with fairy lights, multi-cuisine and the best view. Even if you are not too hungry, must go to enjoy the amazing view with a drink of your choice!

2. Cafe Sol

One of the most fancy cafes of Shimla, located in Combermere Hotel (which is also one of the best hotels with modern facilities, with its own lift straight to the mall). Cafe is vibrant, colorful, with great food.

3. Wake & Bake | Website | FB @wakenbakecafe

One of the new cafes. Cute little cafe overlooking the mall road. You can also play board games like Scrabble. For coffee fans – they serve their own organic coffee.


4. Tripti Bakery

Must visit for all bakery and dessert lovers. Making everyone happy since ages. Do try their cookie boxes and don’t forget to take a box back home.

5. Embassy | Website

Small bakery cum restaurant with the old charm. One of the oldest cafes. Great food but pricey.

Special Mention: Indian Coffee House

One of the oldest and best & economical place for South Indian breakfast.



There are millions of other things to do in and around Shimla. But not creating an exhausting list. Some of the other must do things:

  1. Chill on the ridge in evening for great view

  2. Hike to Jaku temple (especially in winters with snow-covered roads); beware of monkeys at the top

  3. Leisure walk on the Mall road at night (when most of the shops are closed)

  4. Buy little trinkets at Lakkar Bazaar

  5. Haggle a few pretty things in the Tibetan market

  6. Eat fresh juicy apples

  7. Enjoy the toy train journey if you have time, going through the Barog tunnel (did it 7 years ago and is one of the most cherished memories)


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