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10 tips to eat healthy while travelling

I spent a lot of effort and time trying to live a healthier life in the past 1 year, thanks to covid and work from home. I liked the positive results on my body and mind. I didn’t want to lose all of it when the office restarted, especially while travelling. Hence, I tried to inculcate a few healthy habits that were easier to follow. I didn’t go all-in because I am a foodie but a few practical tips that didn’t steal the experience but still helped me eat and live healthier.

This blog is about #healthierchoices based on my personal experience!

10 healthy habits that are easy to follow for anyone

‘Eat well, hydrate regularly, move your body, and enjoy!’

1. Carry a pack of trail mix of nuts & seeds for munching (replace cookies & chips)

2. Buy local fruits or take a few easy-to-eat fruits such as apples & oranges

3. Include a lot of proteins, avoid carbohydrates, and say no to sugar in your diet; easy-to-implement examples:

  • Heavy brunch: cottage cheese (paneer), tofu, legumes, eggs, chicken, fish, unprocessed cheese

  • Light dinner: steamed or boiled veggies, soups, gravies or curries, which could be eaten without rice or bread or roti

  • Healthier snacking: nuts, seeds, fox nuts (makhana), and fruits

  • Healthier dessert: fruits and yogurt

4. Eat smaller portions, resist the temptation to over-eat or over-fill yourself before the actual meal. Bonus: you get to eat & try more; example:

  • Eat your omelette without bread

  • Don’t fill yourself with all the free bread or papad before dinner

  • Order 1 dessert to share & taste

5. Don’t give in to fried and flour (maida) cravings

  • Replace fries/ pakoras with masala peanut

  • Garnish your egg bhurji (scrambled eggs) with ‘Maggi magic masala’ instead of gorging on Maggi daily

6. Hydrate: Carry your water bottle and keep sipping on water regularly. You can also add other healthy drinks such as coconut water

7. Move your body: Go for morning or evening brisk walks (Bonus: explore the local surroundings)

8. Work-out for atleast 7 minutes daily. There are a lot of high-intensity (HIIT) workout videos online on Youtube. I find it more difficult to make excuses for 7 mins daily than 30 mins for 4 days a week. It’s your choice.

9. Remember it is a trip, you are allowed to have cheat meals. Enjoy them and don’t feel guilty! Instead compensate on other days. Tip: you might eat super healthy and workout more before and after the trip

10. Don’t trouble others: Eat, drink, workout whatever you want and let others do what they want. Live life your way and let others live it their way. Best way to keep everyone happy and enjoy the trip.

Do share the blog if you found it useful. Comment if you have more such tips. I would love them. Still, a long way to go on my healthier living journey.

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Some of my healthy food brand finds: Epigamia, Raw Pressery, Eat Better

Workout apps that I have tried: Cult.fit, Seven

Happy to try out more…

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Stay safe & healthy! Ciao!


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